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What to do about school?

Caleb is reaching school age and it is a chance to take in a lot of ideas and learn as we go about helping him discover his world.  I don’t have a background in education or a strong sense of how we’re going to do this in an international setting so we’re on an adventure.  We’ve always been learning a bit at home but now we get to partner with some other mothers for learning and I find it is stretching me and making me think in good ways.

We have a small preschool co-op with little ones including Caleb’s best friend Elias and other kids he loves to be with.  Evan joins us too.  We do crafts (a stretch for Caleb!), lots of reading and discovering outdoors, a bit of music and drama…I am finding it fun to think of lessons.  Thank you Pinterest for existing at this time!  The boys also attended a co-op in the capital each week for 2 months.  Caleb loved his music class and I got to join Evan’s preschool class and teach “sensory play” which usually meant making a big mess with wiggly kiddos.  We are all doing a lot of learning through this.  I think it is good.

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