Desert Olives

Advent Season

This is our 6th Christmas in our little desert town and, though we miss family (every year, I just listen to this song and get some tears out), we have found joys all around us here.  One nice thing about living in a place where Christmas is not a generally celebrated holiday as that you can make it what you want as a family: keeping our homemade Advent calendar, learning about Dutch Sinterklaas, making family traditions and baking and songs a part of our own family, making snow for local little ones to play with…

Last week, in a large store in the capitol, Caleb saw a large cut-out of Santa Claus.  “Who’s that guy?” he asked.  It was a “Wow, he is having a really different childhood from ours” moment indeed.  We spent the day learning all about Santa…

IMG_0303 (1)

Sleigh rides!

IMG_0291 (1)IMG_0258IMG_0286IMG_0285 IMG_0319 IMG_0237


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