Desert Olives

Summer Making and Summer Magic

When I think of childhood Summers for both Jeremy and I, I think of lots of making.  We both had moms that made us and our siblings “Summer knickers” or “Jams” for lots of messy playing.  Both of our moms made it possible to learn to make things and try new skills during the Summers between swims and popsicles.  Our Dads added some spontaneous magic (like my dad, who arrived home from work one day to jump in the pool fully clothed with us, just to delight us.  Jeremy made that happen this Summer too – just to pass on the magic).  We are both so grateful and I found myself incorporating those memories as we spent the Summer in our desert town, joining with friends who love the same things and enjoying making alongside neighbors.  My heart is full of memories and little creations pepper the house…

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